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Sangha Metrology pioneer bespoke measurement systems online
Sangha Metrology is the global pioneer of 3-Point Bore Gauge design and manufacture. Now operating across three continents, Sangha have expanded their reach by investing in a state of the art design and testing facility in India which acts as the primary design and manufacturing centre. Sangha are well served by in-house distribution facilities in England, Australia, South East Asia and a dedicated distributor in the USA. The facility offers clients from across the globe the opportunity to receive world-class bespoke internal diameter gauging services online which would otherwise require travel to the site which can be costly and inefficient.

Having pioneered the design and manufacture of internal diameter bore gauges, Sangha discovered that the best way to serve the precision measuring needs of industry is to offer bespoke and non-bespoke measuring services online in order to reduce the travel time required for clients. A simple form can be filled in online and an emailed drawing and spec sheet from the client is all that is required to develop measuring applications anywhere in the world. Clients have expressed great satisfaction at the ease of this method. This express service is available to all clients requiring bespoke measuring systems for the measurement of internal diameters up to 200mm (and beyond in some cases.)

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Sangha Metrology Celebrates 30 Years of Measuring Excellence
From humble beginnings in a garage in the North of England, Sangha Metrology celebrated it's 30th anniversary in style at their 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in South East Asia. Managing Director Mohan Sangha (who was recently elected to the Fellowship of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers) started the company following an illustrious 28 year career as Chief Design Engineer at Bowers Metrology. An internationally respected and eminent Metrologist, Mohan has worked with the world's leading companies to develop precision measuring systems that enable industry to build excellence into their production processes and amplify manufacturing efficiency.

The world leader in state of the art internal diameter measuring instruments, Sangha Metrology has served the measurement requirements for multiple sectors including aerospace, defence and medicine. Sangha Metrology was honoured to have been commissioned to develop a turn key specialist measuring system for a major Atomic Energy plant, whose aims are to develop clean energy that does not cause pollution.

Sangha Metrology takes it's social responsibility seriously and seeks to avoid the use of plastic packaging and instead use sustainable wood where possible. A strong proponent of equality of opportunity in the workforce, Sangha Metrology has taken the bold move to invest heavily in the development and empowerment of disadvantaged people, especially women from deprived backgrounds who are interested in a career in engineering.

With a 30 year track record behind them, Sangha Metrology is a company on the move and has great plans for the next 30 years. Not only will Sangha Metrology continue to develop excellence in measurement solutions for global industry, but will also continue to be a kind and responsible employer, and to show consideration for the planet.

We can supply Digital read out bore gauges with least count down to one micron. The most popular special applications that we get enquiries for are listed below.
Most of these applications can be quoted for and supplied within 4 weeks any where in the world. Send us a drawing or go to the How to design link below.
Bore Gauges

How to measure plain bore diameters. ( internal diameters)
There are many methods developed to MEASURE BORES. This can be simple caliper set from a master or micrometer to using advanced calibration equipment housed in temperature controlled laboratory.Method used will depend on the accuracy of measurement required. When inspecting bores by production personal or by inspectors method selected is critical both for speed and accuracy and tolerance stated on the drawing. One other factor that needs to be considered is the skill of the person taking the measurements.

Sangha Metrology has been producing Internal diameter inspection equipment now for 30 years. We have a range of equipment to meet Industries requirement to measure accurately and to satisfy the Auditors needs to have traceable measurements for ISO registered companies.

Internal diameters measurement requirements are many and even the plain internal diameters can be of many different types. These include simple ring gauges to deep holes that are required to be measured accurately.Sangha Metrology has Bore gauges to meet all applications from simple to deep holes and shallow holes. Blind hole measurement to a face or step can be easily measured.

Sangha Metrology type of bore gauges are very useful to aid manufacturing whether components are produced on simple manual lathe or CNC Lathes and VMC milling machines. Semiskilled persons can use these with speed to minimize downtime for production process. Setting up a machine is also simplified for first off part. Reducing setting time and eliminating wastage.

Digital readout for bore gauges are a must these days as readings can be stored and used for SPC. Sangha Bore gauges are ideal for this purpose. Sangha system is also able to link to mobile internet applications through Blue tooth technology.

Sangha Metrology has 30 year history of supplying not only standard plain diameter measuring instruments but has a well established reputation for supplying customer bespoke applications on many different types of special applications.

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Why 3 Point Bore Gauge ?