About The Founder

Some time in the near future. Mr.Mohan Singh Sangha has advised many European and North American companies on the inspection of internal diameters for over 30 years. Mr.Mohan Singh Sangha founded Sangha Metrology some 25 years ago in UK. We think that it may be of interest to you to discuss some aspects of your Quality control with Mr. Sangha.Mr. Sangha is a practicing Chartered Engineer from UK and has worked with many European , Japanese, North American company''s to supply turnkey projects for Quality control. Mr. Sangha is a world Authority on bore gauging and has also worked as ISO consultant in the UK.

Can you please indicate your interest to meet with Mr.Mohan Singh Sangha. Also please indicate any particular requirements that you may have prior to the visit on general measurements or Bore gauge measurement application.We at Sangha Metrology are now distributing our world renowned system in India. Since the Indian Market is more price sensitive than most Western countries, we have decided to market the Sangha products direct. After the initial introduction of our system, there is no need to involve a third party such as Distributor or Agent. The savings can then be passed on to the customer. However, it may be your policy to work through approved Distributors, in which case we can also work with them.

Founder's Personal Background

Mr. Mohan Singh Sangha is originally from India but has been living in uk since the age of 9 years. He has obtained his chartered engineer membership in 1974 from uk institute of mechanical engineers. He has worked in metrology since 1965 and set up sangha metrology in 1989 have given consultation to companies such as rolls royce, ford, jaguar,trw cam gears, caterpillar, brake engineering, westland helicopters, zf lemforder etc.He have supplied turn key products to mitutoyo and bowers-sylvac for worldwide distribution. Sangha Metrology was the official mitutoyo supplier of special products for mitutoyo (uk) under his management sangha metrology has developed a special application portfolio second to none. He has now in India to work with indian industry.