TRIGA BORE (3 point internal mesuring sysem)

Triga-Bore heads have a large measuring range and are supplied with fixed anvils eliminating operator error. 22 heads and 10 ring gauges cover 6-200mm.Unique system allows two measuring handles to cover 6-200mm range Ergonomically designed handle offers single handed operation with unique adjustable stop for short range ansducers.High dergree of accuracy can be achieved without need for special skills.Customer can specify type of output for SPC applications Ideally suited to simple or integrated measurement applications.Can be used for special applications such as threads O ring grooves, spherical forms etc.

Technical Specifications:

Triga-Bore from Sangha Metrology is a 3 Point Bore Gauging System that allows for accurate and precise measurement of Inernal Diameter.
Triga-Bore handle has been added to the Sangha’s extensive bore gauging range for customers who have a performance for pistol grip handle.
Triga-Bore has been developed to provide the same high standard of bore gauging as with True-Bore System for shop floor and inspection areas. The system is available in boxed sets or can be supplied individually. Mechanical and Electronic dial gauges or linear transducers can be specified.