TRUE CAL (A new and cost saving approach to calibrating 3 point bore gauges)

THE TRUE-CAL SYSTEM: True-Cal is an innovation solution to the problems presented by the accurate calibration of 3 point bore gauge micrometers. Any micrometer (from 16-200mm) can be calibrated on a single unit, and the True-Cal method dispenses with the need for large numbers of settings rings and provides more comprehensive results.
OPERATIONS:The True-Cal system relies on the use of slip gauges with an optional electronic transducer output. Operation is quick and simple, and requires no specialist skills.
LINEARITY CHECK:Convensional ring gauge methods do not give comprehensive indications of linearity. True-Cal allows the gauge to be checked at any point on the range o the gauge being inspected.
TRACEABILITY:True-Cal measurement are traceable through the slip gauges used and the certification of the angular setting block.
COST SAVINGS: True-Cal simplifies gauge management by dispensing with the need for costly ring gauges and their periodic calibration. This reduces costs in both the long and short term.