Sangha Metrology pioneer bespoke measurement systems online

Sangha Metrology is the global pioneer of 3-Point Bore Gauge design and manufacture. Now operating across three continents, Sangha have expanded their reach by investing in a state of the art design and testing facility in India which acts as the primary design and manufacturing centre. Sangha are well served by in-house distribution facilities in England, Australia, South East Asia and a dedicated distributor in the USA. The facility offers clients from across the globe the opportunity to receive world-class bespoke internal diameter gauging services online which would otherwise require travel to the site which can be costly and inefficient.
Having pioneered the design and manufacture of internal diameter bore gauges, Sangha discovered that the best way to serve the precision measuring needs of industry is to offer bespoke and non-bespoke measuring services online in order to reduce the travel time required for clients. A simple form can be filled in online and an emailed drawing and spec sheet from the client is all that is required to develop measuring applications anywhere in the world. Clients have expressed great satisfaction at the ease of this method. This express service is available to all clients requiring bespoke measuring systems for the measurement of internal diameters up to 200mm (and beyond in some cases.)
For more details please visit www.sanghametrology.com

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