Save time on the shop floor with the new Sangha Spline Measuring Gage Introducing the Sangha Spline Measuring System

Our client was having an exhausting time trying to teach his apprentice how to measure the pitch diameter between the pins of a spline using the traditional method.He had spent an inordinate amount of time on his knees looking for tiny wires dropped on the floor. Not to mention trying to figure out who used that one missing slip block because they didn’t put it back in the box. And, where is the engineering grease when you need it?! You get the picture. For the uninitiated, pitch diameter measurement of a spline is a dark art. “You hold the wires here…You add the slip blocks there… And then with your third hand (because all engineers have a third hand) you mess around with the lid of the grease box in an attempt to stop the pins from falling out of position…which of course they always do. With our track record in dimensional metrology, Team Sangha set about developing the most cost-effective, simple to use, and easy to learn method of measuring the pitch diameter of a spline that would do away with all the trickery of the old method. The Sangha Spline Gauge (or Gage in American) is a device that is light weight, ergonomic, cost effective and affordable. Anyone who regularly needs to measure the pitch diameter of splines quickly and efficiently would save a great deal of time and money if they adopte this novel, streamlined and ergonomic spline gauge. Released in 2020,the Sangha Spline Gauge was designed in the UK primarily for shop floor personnel for whom time, efficiency and above all accuracy are imperative.For more details please email team@sanghametrology.com
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