How to measure plain bore diameters. ( Internal diameters)

There are many methods developed to MEASURE BORES. This can be simple caliper set from a master or micrometer to using advanced calibration equipment housed in temperature controlled laboratory.Method used will depend on the accuracy of measurement required. When inspecting bores by production personal or by inspectors method selected is critical both for speed and accuracy and tolerance stated on the drawing. One other factor that needs to be considered is the skill of the person taking the measurements.
Sangha Metrology has been producing Internal diameter inspection equipment now for 30 years. We have a range of equipment to meet Industries requirement to measure accurately and to satisfy the Auditors needs to have traceable measurements for ISO registered companies.
Internal diameters measurement requirements are many and even the plain internal diameters can be of many different types. These include simple ring gauges to deep holes that are required to be measured accurately.Sangha Metrology has Bore gauges to meet all applications from simple to deep holes and shallow holes. Blind hole measurement to a face or step can be easily measured.
Sangha Metrology type of bore gauges are very useful to aid manufacturing whether components are produced on simple manual lathe or CNC Lathes and VMC milling machines. Semiskilled persons can use these with speed to minimize downtime for production process. Setting up a machine is also simplified for first off part. Reducing setting time and eliminating wastage.
Digital readout for bore gauges are a must these days as readings can be stored and used for SPC. Sangha Bore gauges are ideal for this purpose. Sangha system is also able to link to mobile internet applications through Blue tooth technology.
Sangha Metrology has 30 year history of supplying not only standard plain diameter measuring instruments but has a well established reputation for supplying customer bespoke applications on many different types of special applications.
Standard and special applications supply capability for Sangha Metrology can be seen on   www.sanghametrology.com

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